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Images · 2019 · collaboration with Benjamin Lazar

In response to an invitation from Benjamin Lazar, I've made and screened images for his show "Heptaméron, récits de la chambre obscure".

After Traviata / Vous méritez un avenir meilleur, Benjamin Lazar returns to the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris for a new creation on the borders of theater and music. He is inspired here by a masterpiece of the Renaissance, The Heptameron, left unfinished in his seventh day by Marguerite de Navarre, sister of François Premier and great woman of letters.

Confined by torrential rains, a group of men and women decides to tell each other every day stories of love, terrifying or moving, but all true. In this contemporary adaptation, made in complicity with the chief Geoffroy Jourdain, ancient tales become entangled with current stories, weaving unexpected bridges between beings, languages, countries and centuries. The invitation to travel is fulfilled in a moving temporality, to the sound of those sung poems that are the baroque madrigals of Claudio Monteverdi, Luca Marenzio, Benedetto Pallavicino, Carlo Gesualdo, Michelangelo Rossi and Biagio Marini, which reveal all their theatrical strength. The eight singers of the Cree of Paris and the four actors of the Theater of the Incredulous make themselves painters, using all the nuances of the spoken voice and the sung voice, to plunge the spectators into the dark and deep chamber of their imagination .

Based on Heptaméron by Marguerite de Navarre

And based on the works of Claudio Monteverdi, Luca Marenzio, Benedetto Pallavicino, Carlo Gesualdo, Michelangelo Rossi and Biagio Marini

Direction Benjamin Lazar

Musical direction Geoffroy Jourdain

With · Fanny Blondeau, Geoffrey Carey, Malo de La Tullaye
And Les Cris de Paris : Virgile Ancely, Anne-Lou Bissières, Stéphen Collardelle, Marie Picaut, William Shelton, Luanda Siqueira, Michiko Takahashi et Ryan Veillet

Scenography Adeline Caron

Costumes Adeline Caron et Julia Brochier

Lights Maël Iger

Makeup and hairstyles Mathilde Benmoussa

Assistant director and playwright Tristan Rothhut


Images: Joseph Paris |

Original music: Claudio Monteverdi | Luca Marenzio | Benedetto Pallavicino | Carlo Gesualdo | Michelangelo Rossi | Biagio Marini |

Produced by Maison de la Culture d’Amiens | Compagnie Le Théâtre de l’Incrédule | Les Cris de Paris |
In coproduction with Théâtre de Liège | MC2 : Grenoble | le Trident – Scène nationale de Cherbourg | Théâtre de Caen | Opéra de Reims |

Supported by: La Villette | Spedidam |