The Forest of Masks

Video 6'30, from the masks (and their layers) designed by Toyen for Radovan Ivsic's play. On view until July 24, 2022 in the Toyen exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Directed by Joseph Paris
On screen: Judith Chemla · Julien Cigana · Jessica Dalle · Benjamin Lazar · Dominique Parent ·
Images: Joseph Paris ·
Original music: Raphaël Pannier ·
Produced by Cie Le Théâtre de l’Incrédule ·
In coproduction with Czech Cultural Center in Paris ·

Editing of the text and direction of actors: Benjamin Lazar
Collaboration artistique sur l'enregistrement : Jessica Dalle
Recording made at the Meudon studio on Saturday February 5, 2022
An order and production of the Czech Cultural Center in Paris - Direction: Jiří Hnilica
as part of the exhibition Toyen, the absolute divergence
presented at Museum of Modern arts of Paris
from March 25 to July 24, 2022
Le Théâtre de l'incrédule
artistic direction Benjamin Lazar
administration Sonia Stamenkovic - production Pia Doublet
Le Théâtre de l’Incrédule est conventionné par le Ministère de la Culture- DRAC de Normandie et reçoit régulièrement le soutien de la Région Normandie, de l'Odia, de la Spedidam et de l'Adami.
Benjamin Lazar is an associate artist at la Maison de la Culture d'Amiens.

Experimental · 2022 · collaboration with Benjamin Lazar ·

Video made from the eleven masks designed by Toyen for Radovan Ivsic's play, King Gordogane.
On a black background, a play of light reveals a series of neutral masks, drawn by Toyen before her collages, elements of the composition of the masks appear in the image: mouths, snake, fire, bird's head, cherries, fern, rope, feathers, knives, chestnut, scissors, coin. To each voice a character, and to each character a mask. When we hear a voice, it is the corresponding mask that is in the image. The images of the masks show themselves as much as they conceal themselves. Pieces of masks come together and gradually give shape to the masks as designed by Toyen, trying to imagine what the path of his thought might have been.
To discover until July 24, 2022 within the exhibitionToyen at the Museum of Modern arts of Paris.