n.o.i.r. & b/l/a/n/c

Experimental · 2010 · collaboration with Antoine MoreauDaniel Martin Borret

A video that plays a first text in voiceover, and a second that appears on the screen simultaneously and against the meaning of the first one.

Edited from the text b-l-a-n-c by Antoine Moreau (on screen), itself written in response to the text n.o.i.r. (written by me, read by Daniel Martin Borret).

Texts dated from Feb 3, 2010, sound recording and video editing July 31, 2010.


Copyleft · 2010 · Joseph Paris · Antoine Moreau · Daniel Martin Borret · This work is free, you can copy it, distribute it and modify it according to the terms of the free art license




2017 · Festival of Non-Aligned Artistic Practices