Joseph Paris

b.l.a.c.k. & w/h/i/t/e

Unexpected artistic collaboration with Antoine Moreau and Daniel Martin-Borret, a montage that brings together two poems that respond to each other, one of which is read by the viewer and the other by the narrator, in the opposite direction.

  • A film by Joseph Paris
  • Experimental · 2010
  • © 2010 · Joseph Paris Antoine Moreau Daniel Martin Borret · This work is free, you can copy it, distribute it and modify it according to the terms of the free art license.
  • 2017 Festival of Non-Aligned Artistic Practices

A video which unrolls a first text in voiceover, and a second which is displayed on the screen simultaneously and against the flow of the first. A montage from the text b-l-a-n-c by Antoine Moreau (on screen), itself written from the text n.o.i.r. by Joseph Paris (read by Daniel Martin Borret).