naked war

Documentary · 2014

A philosophical and artistic reflection on Femen, a graphic film that seeks to see what may not be on the images.

During one year, Joseph Paris filmed from the inside the Femen movement; its acts, its shocks and confrontations, its smokes and noises, but also its circumstances, its doubts, and sometimes its contradictions. One year at the heart of a overexposed activism in mass-media, where its deep reasons remained under silence or sometimes misconceived.

Since he have met these activists in Warsaw at springtime 2012, he has never left them out of his sight.

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First he filmed the beauty of this spectacular gesture, euphoria of the beginning, and then: the tensions of repression and threats, the media disavowal after the celebration, a form of isolation which settled, and a certain shift toward actions always more radical.

Secondly, the movie proposes a frame which allows to understand better the reasons, the lane and the effects of this radical commitment. At first from what the activists say themselves, about the action and the practical of the revolt, but also - punctually - from Joseph's wonderings on these representations, and finally - especially - by giving the floor to Annie Le Brun (poet) and Benoit Goetz (philosopher) because they lead each in their own way a work on the question of the body in society, the political body, and because they are watching Femen in a very different way than the one we have been accustomed. This film is the filmmaker's necessary answer to society, in order to let understand more significantly the real meanings of this revolt and this mode of action.


On screen: Alexandra Shevchenko | Oksana Shachko | Josephine Witt | Amina Sboui | Annie Le Brun | Benoit Goetz |

Original music: Pierre Paris |

Produced by LaClairière Production |
In coproduction with La Chaine Parlementaire | TV Tours | CINAPS TV |

Supported by: CNC | CiCLIC - Région Centre | PROCIREP-ANGOA |

Distribution: ARTE

Distribution DVD: Éditions Montparnasse




2016 · Ethnografilm Festival

2015 · DocsDF Mexico

2015 · AVIFF-Cannes Special prize of the Jury

2015 · New York Festival of New Cinema

2015 · Tartu World Film Festival

2014 · Nights of militant cinema