Notes · Police conspiracy against Femen in Kyiv
8 years ago

After three weeks of violent repression against Femen activists in Ukraine, the police has now entered on August 27 in the local Femen in Kiev on the pretext of searching for weapons and bombs.

Police search Femen's office in Kiev to search for weapons, on the basis of an "anonymous denunciation".

The police pretend to have found a gun and a grenade along side portraits of Putin and Patriarch Kirill with a sign of a target on them.

Meeting between Annie Le Brun and the two co-founders of Femen, Sasha Shevchenko and Oksana Chatchko on their arrival in Paris after their exile from Ukraine. After three weeks of intense repression in Ukraine, police raided their headquarters and claimed to have found firearms there. Oksana's two arms are in plaster after being broken by members of the Ukrainian secret service SBU.

Paris · 2013