Notes · Fascist risk in France
1 month ago

Fascist risk in France and I have nightmares. In the end it won't be "neither Macron nor Le Pen", but it will be Macron or Le Pen, even if we all don't like it, and this time the risk has never been so high that it will be Le Pen who wins . I started to get involved in politics in 2002, in reaction to the first breakthrough of the far right in the second round of the presidential election, and 20 years later the far right threatens us from all sides. We will come back to the reasons for this progression. But before that, the subject is what will happen next Sunday. If I paid myself the luxury of abstaining 5 years ago, because I knew that the candidate opposite had a comfortable electoral base, I am much less convinced of it today. Abstention is no longer an option.

Poster from a weekly newspaper between the two presidential rounds.

Paris · 2022