The Flag

Documentary · 2020

All around the world, democracies are endangered by the rise of far-right parties’ rhetoric and electoral success.

Beyond the elections of Trump and Bolsonaro on one side of the Atlantic and those of Victor Orban and Mateo Salvini on the other, not one country is spared.

If the far right doesn’t progress everywhere in the same way – each country having its own motives – one trend is however common to all: any political party that has been in power has before long integrated parts and bits of the far right agenda by adopting themes and language that once were completely out of its culture.


France, in this respect, is a case worth analyzing. Since the terrorist attacks of January and November 2015, it has seen an unprecedented build-up of security-centered legislations coming hand in hand with the exacerbation of a society divided based on identity – mostly stigmatizing its Muslim community. In experimental struggle with the speeches and the images of the frontiers, this film proceeds with the disassembly of the speeches and the reassembly of the images to reveal the springs of the progression of racism.


THE FLAG is a graphic film, a montage film; written from the viewpoint of its author, in the first person, and in the wake of Chris Marker’s essay films.


2020 · In production

Produced by Drole de Trame |

Contact: Audrey Ferrarese

Supported by: CNC | Région Île-de-France |