Joseph Paris

The Flag

The Flag reflects on the aftermath of the 2015 Paris attacks, exploring the decline of civil liberties as local media and politics continue othering Arab and African communities.

  • A film by Joseph Paris
  • Documentary · 2023
  • With Yasser Louati
  • Image and editing Joseph Paris
  • Production Drole de Trame
  • Produced by Audrey Ferrarese
  • Narrator Logan de Carvalho
  • Original music Pierre Paris
  • Sound creation Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar
  • Illustrations Matthieu Fayette
  • Additional image editing Flore Guillet
  • Editing assistants Robin Gaussé, Eugénie Gaubert, Matthieu Grosmaire
  • Color grading Dimitri Darul
  • Additional color grading Eric Heinrich
  • Mixing Michel Depuis
  • International Distribution CAT&Docs
  • Theatrical distribution Juste Doc
  • With the support of:
  • CNC
  • Région Île-de-France
  • 2023 Nuremberg Human Rights Film Festival
  • 2023 Festival des libertés
  • 2023 États généraux du film documentaire
  • 2023 Rencontres du cinéma indépendant
  • 2023 Movies That Matter
  • 2023 One World
  • 2023 CPH:DOX
  • 2021 IDFA Rough cut

A furious, iconoclastic attack on power and the media in a modern France where Islamophobia has become mainstream and inequality is growing from the suburbs to the boulevards.

Cph dox

Director Joseph Paris filmed dozens of hours of interviews and collected a large amount of material from the French media. From the fragments of these he has compiled a visual essay on the decline of civil liberties in France.

One World

Following the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France declared the state of emergency. This set in motion an exit from the rule of law, with Muslims as the first, but not the only victims. Urgent, philosophical and visually interesting plea in defence of civil liberties and equality.

Movies that matter

A provocative depiction to the barely-hidden Islamophobia that exists in France, experimental filmmaker Joseph Paris exposes the malevolent media dynamics and the draconian state powers the government has operationalised following the attacks in Paris & Nice in 2015-6.

Radical Art Review

Joseph Paris fell into a state of mourning following the Paris terror attacks of 13 November, 2015, in which 130 people were killed and more than 350 injured in coordinated assaults across the French capital. It was the deadliest attack on French soil in modern history and left the country in a state of shock. However, the filmmaker was also alarmed by the government response.


Collages, split-screens and a Guy Debordian vandalisation of the (media) image itself testify to Joseph Paris’ active background in the ‘copyleft’ movement and video art. An alarming and radically critical report from a time when social divisions are widening and clashes between state power and civilians are on the rise.

Cph dox

Yasser Louati at Movies That Matter film festival.

The Hague · 2023

Joseph Paris presenting the work-in-progress editing of the film at the IDFA 2022 festival.

Amsterdam · 2022

Presentation of the work-in-progress editing at the IDFA 2022 festival, with Audrey Ferrarese (producer) and Joseph Paris.

Amsterdam · 2022

Q&A with Joseph Paris and Yasser Louati at Movies That Matter film festival.

The Hague · 2023

Q&A with Yasser Louati at Movies That Matter film festival.

The Hague · 2023

Activists night at Movies That Matter film festival.

The Hague · 2023