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Joseph Paris | FILMS

to die gracefully

A year before covid, this live cinema experience on Youtube realizes in advance the paradox of a confinement that is not sheltered from view, as the images will serve to expose the private space to the eyes of all.

  • A film by Joseph Paris
  • Live Cinema · 2019
  • With Delphine De Baere
  • Logan De Carvalho
  • Juliette Chaigneau
  • Geraldine Dupla
  • Amelie Esbelin
  • Anaïs Harte
  • Nicolas Krminac
  • Gabriel Lechevalier
  • Shady Nafar
  • Lucas Partensky
  • Anna Romagny
  • Live from Lavoir Moderne Parisien
  • Production : Radical Cinema
  • Images : Thim Naccache
  • Theo Stefanini
  • Joseph Paris
  • Sound : Damien Tronchot
  • With the support of:
  • Le Trianon Paris
  • Région Île-de-France
  • © 2019 · Joseph Paris · This work is free, you can copy it, distribute it and modify it according to the terms of the free art license.