Definitely banned from YouTube for posting my own work
Joseph Paris

Filmmaker based in Paris. Documentary and experimental cinema.
Latest work: Maldoror · collaboration with Benjamin Lazar.
In festivals: The Flag. Upcoming dates ↓
Rencontres du cinéma indépendant · June 20 - 22 in Caen, France (screening reserved for professionals).

First a pioneer in the use of copyleft licenses in video art, he founded with other filmmakers the Kassandre collective, which combines video and legal experimentation. In 2014, he directed the documentary Naked War, in which he decodes the cinematographic grammar of the spectacular actions of Femen. The Flag, his new experimental and political documentary, will be released in 2023.

Previously, he worked on the series Exterminate All The Brutes directed by Raoul Peck for HBO and he directed with a group of actors the film To die gracefully, 24 hours of live cinema on Youtube.

More recently, La Nuit des hiéroglyphes at the Institut de France is his fourth collaboration with Benjamin Lazar, after the video creation of his shows Heptameron and Maldoror and the production of the film The Forest of Masks. which took part in the Toyen exhibition in 2022. at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

He is currently developing a film with Annie Le Brun and Juri Armanda and has various artistic collaborations with sound designer Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar.

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